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Stained glass machines

Stained glass machines are unique equipment that allows for the creation of intricate stained glass patterns on glass and mirrors. They are widely used in interior decoration, adding a special atmosphere and uniqueness to spaces.

Stained glass machines enable the creation of exquisite designs and patterns on glass, which can be used for window, door, furniture, and other interior decorations. With the help of stained glass machines, you can create unique stained glass pieces that will delight you with their beauty for many years.

Stained glass created using these machines is heat and cold resistant, able to withstand temperatures from -40 to +160 degrees Celsius. They are also moisture-resistant and do not fade under sunlight. This makes them an ideal choice for decorating any space, including kitchens, bathrooms, pools, and saunas.

SKY TECH is a manufacturer of stained glass machines and offers two models for customers to choose from. The Designer model has a working area of 1400x2500mm, suitable for creating large volumes of stained glass. The Dragonfly DM model has a working area of 1700x2800mm and is perfect for creating large-sized stained glass pieces.

When purchasing a stained glass machine from SKY TECH, you not only get high-quality equipment but also ready-to-use solutions for creating stained glass, warranty coverage, technical support, and full assistance at every stage of collaboration.

SKY TECH stained glass machines guarantee quality, reliability, and durability. They will help you bring your boldest ideas to life and create unique stained glass pieces that will bring joy for many years.

We invite you to explore the range of stained glass machines offered by SKY TECH and choose the one that suits your creative ideas best. Rest assured, SKY TECH stained glass machines will assist you in creating remarkable stained glass pieces that will truly embellish your interior.