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Plotter for cutting corrugated cardboard

Plotter for cutting corrugated cardboard

In the modern world, packaging production is one of the most competitive and promising industries. End consumers are becoming increasingly demanding, requiring high-quality and durable packaging materials.

To meet these requirements, it is necessary to use the latest technologies. In this regard, SKY TECH company presents the ProfiCut corrugated cardboard cutting plotter with a working area of 1800x2800 mm.

For cutting corrugated cardboard, the ProfiCut cutting plotter utilizes an electric oscillating tool, which allows for material cutting at a speed of up to 1000 mm/s. Additionally, a creasing tool can be installed on the plotter carriage to create grooves along folding lines.

The software of the cutting plotter enables optimization of cardboard cutting and reduction of waste. The marking module allows for precise graphic information application on the cardboard.

This equipment is necessary for automating the packaging cutting process. The cutting plotter provides high cutting precision, which is crucial in packaging production. Manual cutting can result in errors and inaccuracies, leading to material waste and a decrease in product quality. CNC cutting plotters help improve workflow and increase production efficiency.

Cutting plotters have been successfully operating in many regions of Russia and CIS countries, and our customers are ready to demonstrate the equipment in action. The use of modern technologies and equipment is an important requirement for the development of any production, enabling the production of high-quality products within tight deadlines, thus increasing competitiveness in the market.

SKY TECH company offers high-tech equipment for packaging production, which will help improve work efficiency and enhance product quality.