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Cutting plotters

Tabletop cutting plotters are efficient tools for processing various materials, including paper, film, fabric, leather, and more. They can be used for signage production, advertising materials, packaging, as well as working with textiles and materials in the textile and furniture industry.

One of the manufacturers of cutting plotters is SKY TECH. They offer a wide range of plotter models equipped with various tools for processing different materials. Among the available tools, there are electric and pneumatic oscillating tools, rotary cutting tools, angle cutting tools, ultrasonic oscillating tools, universal tangential cutting tools, hole punching tools, milling modules, marking modules, and more.

Professional plotters can also be equipped with a conveyor table and loading system for cutting roll materials. This greatly simplifies and speeds up the work process.

Additionally, different plotter models may have different working area options. For example, some models may have small working areas, while others can have large ones, up to 6 meters in length, allowing for optimal material handling.

All these features, combined with high-quality materials and production, make ProfiCut plotters a reliable solution for professionals in various fields of application.