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UV printer for printing on flexible stone

UV printer for printing on flexible stone

Wide-format UV printers for printing on flexible stone are one of the most innovative solutions for interior design. Flexible stone, which is used to create various interior elements such as bar counters, floors, walls, and other surfaces, has numerous advantages.

Special UV inks are used for printing on flexible stone, ensuring excellent print quality and durability of the image. Printers of this type are equipped with a special ink delivery system and UV LED drying blocks, allowing for high-quality printing on a wide range of materials.

The solution of full-color printing on a UV printer is an excellent choice for starting a business and automating production. This means that you can create a large number of images for your business quickly and easily, without the need for additional equipment or services. Additionally, using a UV printer allows for high-quality and precise images, making it an ideal solution for a wide range of applications including advertising, marketing, souvenirs, and interior design.

Using a wide-format UV printer for printing on flexible stone is not only a new and efficient production solution but also an opportunity to impress your clients and provide them with endless possibilities for creating unique interior design elements.