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Production of polymer concrete bases and frames for high-tech equipment


(Production of polymer concrete bases and frames for high-tech equipment)

Mineral casting is a modern material produced from minerals, inert mixtures, and plastic binders. It has become indispensable in modern machine and tool construction. The competitive properties of mineral casting and its cost-effective production methods make it highly attractive for manufacturing machine frames and components, as well as industrial equipment, compared to steel, aluminum, or cast iron structures. Consequently, the coordinated fillers, binding elements, and additives are significantly deaerated during the casting process through special compaction methods, resulting in mechanically resilient components made of mineral casting. The physical and technical characteristics of mineral casting products, along with manufacturing costs, have become one of the main factors determining the choice of equipment for end-users. This is due to the constantly growing demands for modern machines in terms of speed and machining accuracy. High process speeds and complex surface or part treatments inevitably create vibrations on the worktable (base or frame), which negatively affect the quality of the processed surface and reduce the lifespan of the working tool. A base or frame made of mineral casting dampens vibrations approximately six times faster than an equivalent cast iron base or frame, and ten times faster than a similar steel structure. Industrial equipment based on mineral casting bases and frames operates with significantly higher precision, speed, and achieves a higher quality of surface treatment. It also noticeably reduces tool wear for cutting or grinding machines. Based on the experience of leading global companies producing bases and frames made of mineral casting, and considering the required range of dynamic characteristics for equipment that our company already manufactures, we have decided to establish the production of bases and frames made of polymer concrete, processed after casting using our own facilities. The processing of the obtained base and frame "blanks" involves machining tolerances and subsequent installation of metal (composite) inserts, rails, fixtures, etc. After preparing the bases and frames, so-called "attachments" or "functional loads" are installed on them, including the working surface of the table, beams, working heads, control systems, and additional equipment. The method of manufacturing and installing these functional devices remains the same as for equipment based on metal frames. Polymer concrete (a high-strength concrete-mineral mixture) that provides high dynamic capabilities for gantry structures allows us to ensure the main competitive properties of the equipment - high precision in precision work with high surface treatment dynamics. Additionally, bases or frames made from polymer concrete possess additional competitive advantages:

- Vibration damping (high damping coefficient compared to cast iron and steel frames)

- Thermal stability

- No deformation under load

- Stability and absence of corrosion

- Environmental friendliness of production

- High productivity

- Narrower tolerances

- Longer service life

The production of high-precision equipment based on mineral casting technology is a new direction in Russia today. Within this framework, we plan to produce bases and frames made of polymer concrete, on which various types of functional devices (print heads, extruders, cutters, etc.) for high-precision printing and surface treatment will be placed. This type of equipment allows for individual production of products for various fields such as space, aviation, automotive, medical, design, or electronics at a new technological level.