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Factory automation solutions

UV printers, flatbed cutting plotters, stained glass equipment, and glass cutting machines are modern industry solutions for packaging manufacturers, defense industry enterprises, furniture manufacturers, construction organizations, interior door manufacturers, and children's outdoor furniture manufacturers.

UV printers allow for creating rich and clear images on various surfaces including plastic, metal, glass, and fabric. Due to their high performance and accuracy, this type of equipment is in demand among manufacturers.

Flatbed cutting plotters are ideal for manufacturers who need precise and quality cutting of various materials such as rubber, cardboard, plastic, leather, and fabric. This type of equipment distinguishes itself by its reliability, speed of operation, and automatic control.

Stained glass equipment and glass cutting machines allow for creating beautiful stained-glass windows and other glass products. It's a great solution for furniture manufacturers, construction companies looking for new ways to decorate interiors and exteriors. All these industry solutions are indispensable tools for various production tasks and therefore they are in demand in the market.

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