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Equipment for large format printing

Equipment for photo printing SKY PRINT occupies a leading position in the ranking realizations in Russia it is associated with both a good reputation and reliability, so with the growing popularity of large flatbed full-color printing in the world. Printing equipment allows you to open up new markets for products. All possibilities and advantages are out in the open. They are simple and clear ...

Durability and sturdiness to external factors of nature.

Heat resistance - withstands temperatures up to 180 degrees.

Frost resistance - Retains color for more than 5 years with an average annual drop of more than 60 degrees.

Moisture resistance - Can be applied in regions and countries where humidity is constantly high.

Accelerated production cycle of finished products. Due to the instant polymerization of the image during UV printing, you get finished products a few minutes left.


  1. UV printer ink.Curing of the printed image occurs in a matter of seconds.
  2. Due to the various protections provided by the manufacturer, installed on the printer, the printheads do not harden, lumps or films form.
  3. Advanced printer electronics will always protect the most expensive consumable - printheads.
  4. No odor, no smell. During polymerization, the ink changes its structure, making the printed image safe for people with allergies or other ailments.
  5. UV printing is ecotype of printing.
  6. White color and Varnish. Using two complementary colors, you can print on transparencies, providing contrast to the finished product.
  7. Create 3D images, reliefs and textures.





Building industry

Palletized package