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Equipment for large format printing

A new level of quality printing.

Flatbed UV printers are a new word in the world of printing. The new technologies used in the production of UV printers allow reaching new heights in quality printing. Thanks to the UV drying method, flatbed UV printers provide fast imaging on various surfaces, such as glass, plastic, metal, and wood. UV printers are widely used in advertising, the textile industry, packaging production, electronics manufacturing, and other industries. Flatbed UV printers can also be used to create original gifts, souvenirs, and interior items.

Durability and resistance to external factors UV inks for UV printers are distinguished by durability and high resistance to external influences. They withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees and maintain color brightness for more than 5 years with an annual temperature difference of more than 60 degrees. This allows their use in regions and countries characterized by consistently high humidity.

Accelerated production cycle of finished products Flatbed UV printers significantly speed up the production cycle of finished products. Thanks to instant image polymerization during UV printing, you can get finished products in a matter of minutes. This is especially important in cases when it is necessary to bring a large amount of product to the market in the shortest possible time.

Inks for a UV printer. The printed image cures in a matter of seconds.

Modern printer electronics always protect the most expensive consumable - print heads.

Moreover, UV printing is one of the most environmentally friendly types of printing, as during polymerization, the ink changes its structure and makes the printed image safe for people with allergies or other ailments.

White color and varnish. With two additional colors, you can print on transparent materials, creating contrast to the finished product. You can also create 3D images, embossments, and textures.

Flatbed UV printers are a new word in the world of printing. They are characterized by high durability, an accelerated production cycle of finished products, environmental safety, and the ability to create unique gifts, souvenirs, and interior items. If you want to achieve the highest results in quality printing, a flatbed UV printer is a great choice for you.