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Equipment for cutting

A key element in the production of glass products. It helps to increase production efficiency and reduce costs, ensures accuracy and high quality of cutting various materials.

Equipment for cutting glass and mirrors is a necessary element for a business that wants to achieve maximum profit. This is equipment with a significant level of technology and innovative control systems. It ensures precise and high-quality cutting of glass and mirrors, which, in turn, allows you to produce glass products with a high degree of aesthetic appearance.

Purchasing modern glass cutting equipment is a key factor in successful business development in this industry. Such machines improve production efficiency and reduce costs, which is certainly important for achieving maximum profit.

Modern glass-cutting machines are equipped with high-tech control systems, which significantly increase production efficiency. They allow you to achieve a high level of precision and cutting quality, thanks to which it is possible to produce glass products with a high degree of accuracy and aesthetic appearance.

Our modern glass cutting machines provide impeccable accuracy and quality of cutting various materials, they are also easy to configure and simple to use, which means that staff training takes a minimum of time. We will help your business find the right glass cutting equipment that suits you and meets all your requirements. Develop your business with maximum efficiency and strive for success together with our equipment!


Flatbed cutting plotters are equipment that will change the understanding of precise cutting of various materials. They not only ensure accuracy but also fully automate the manual process of cutting into precise shapes. It's an innovative solution that significantly enhances efficiency and reduces labor costs.

Our precision cutting equipment allows producing parts of different sizes and shapes, while of high quality. We offer plotters that are easily configurable and have a wide range of options, meeting the needs of any business. This equipment also has a quick set-up process and minimal training period for your staff.

Our flatbed cutting plotters are a reliable and economically efficient solution for your business. Don't miss out on time and opportunities - buy equipment that gives your business growth and prosperity!


Flatbed cutting plotters are the best solution that becomes increasingly popular in production. They provide full automation of the manual process of cutting various materials into exact shapes. This equipment suits such areas as advertising and polygraphy, clothing and footwear production, packaging production, furniture manufacturing, automotive industry, electronics manufacturing, medical industry, and interior design.

Flatbed cutting plotters are perfect for cutting materials of any shape and size, saving operator time and effort.

When companies choose flatbed cutting plotters, they get significant time savings and productivity increase. Manual cutting materials may take a lot of time, especially if precision and high cut quality are required.Flatbed cutting plotters allow cutting materials in any shape and size with minimal effort from workers.

Flatbed cutting plotters can replace several operators who transported, marked, and cut materials. Using this equipment will increase productivity and the number of finished products, which in turn increases the profitability of the enterprise.


One of the main advantages of flatbed cutting plotters is cutting precision. They allow for cutting materials of any complexity and shape with high accuracy and quality, which is especially important for the production of glass products.

Modern flatbed cutting plotters easily handle cutting materials of various thicknesses. In addition, they are equipped with high-tech control systems, ensuring reliability and durability of equipment operation.

Flatbed cutting plotters do not require large maintenance costs. The equipment is easily cleaned, and the replacement of consumables is an inexpensive and quick procedure.

Cutting equipment plays a vital role. Modern glass cutting machines and flatbed cutting plotters enhance production efficiency, reduce costs and improve the accuracy and quality of cutting various materials. This equipment is not only convenient and cost-effective but also reliable and durable.

If you want to significantly boost productivity and quality of your products, consult with company experts who will help choose the optimal equipment for your enterprise.


The range of flatbed plotters uses tangential tools for processing various materials such as cardboard, corrugated cardboard, leather, fabrics, and many others. Plotters provide high cutting accuracy and operate at high speeds, allowing the creation of products of any shape and design complexity. Tangential tools allow working with materials of different thickness and changing the working blades of the cutting knife for both thin and thick sheets.

One of the main features of our plotters is the use of tangential tools that provide perfect geometry and are suitable for industrial use. Optionally, plotters can be equipped with a camera for reading marks for precise positioning when cutting according to a printed image, allowing accurate contour cutting of the printed image, even with some workpiece offset or material deformation.

Plotters are used to cut gaskets and seals from a wide range of materials including rubber, paronite, and gasket cardboard. Use of the tangential oscillating tool on cutting plotters provides perfect geometry, the edges of which are naturally smooth and suitable for industrial use. For such materials, oscillating tools are used that produce reciprocating movements in the vertical plane with a stroke amplitude from 2 to 10 mm, depending on the tool (electric or pneumatic oscillating tool), allowing cutting materials of different thicknesses, such as rubber and paronite, as well as manufacturing gaskets of complex shape. We are confident that our plotters will be an indispensable tool for all workers involved in the field of seal and gasket production.

We guarantee that our plotters will be an indispensable tool for all workers involved in the field of seal and gasket production. Our products meet high standards of quality and reliability, allowing our customers to avoid additional costs for repair and replacement of equipment. With our plotters, you will be able to produce high-quality products of any complexity and accelerate the production process.