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Equipment for cutting

Glass cutters and other cutting equipment allows automated design, cutting and processing of a variety of materials: glass, cardboard, film, plastic, fabrics, foil, composite and multilayer materials.


Industrial glass cutters SHERHAN model.

Glass and mirror cutting machines. For straight and curved cutting of sheet glass, they are equipped with an air cushion, stops for positioning glass or a mirror. MITSUBISHI Servo Motors are used as motors. Optimized software. Glass and mirrors breaking system. The head in the machine is a tangential rotary axis. All this creates a high-quality cutting of glass and mirrors with an accuracy of 0.15 mm. over the entire length of the working field of the machine.

Glass cutters of the LEOPARD model.

Machines for curly cutting of glass of any complexity. These machines are focused on cutting glass elements. They have proven themselves well in cutting fusing, mirror elements (Facets), car mirrors. The compact dimensions of the machine make it possible to place it in a small premises.



Palletized package

Glass processing


Car industry