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industrial CNC machine for cutting and sheet glass plotting


Automatic glass cutting table 

The machine for straight and curved cutting of sheet glass and mirrors is equipped with an air cushion and retractable stops for precise glass positioning within the working area. The machine welded structure ensures high stability of operation and the MITSUBISHI servomotors ensure high accuracy and smooth movement.

Working area 1800x2800 mm / 2600x3300 mm.










Tangential rotation axis

Increases productivity and reduces glass and mirror waste during cutting

Automatic pressure regulation

Automatic adjustment of pressure / liquid supply to the cutting roller, depending on the speed of the path, as well as on the requirement for straight and curved glass cutting

High-precision mechanics

The bed is made of a welded steel frame. All parts for the machine are made on CNC machines, which allows you to create mechanics with a cutting accuracy of up to 0.15 mm at a speed of 90 m / min on a 1700x2800 mm working table and up to 180 m / min on a 2600x3300 mm table.

Optimization system

Allows to simplify as much as possible the creation of a cutting chart for straight-line glass cutting

Air cushion

The machine comes with a powerful fan for air supply. It allows to evenly distribute air over the working area and forms an air cushion to reduce the friction force when the glass comes into contact with the working area.

Retractable stops

Pneumatically actuated stops allow precise positioning of the glass to the machine zero point without resorting to an expensive material scanning system

Glass breaking system

Activated by pedals. Located one on the long side of the machine, it makes easier the breaking of glass with a thickness of more than 8 mm.

Extended Warranty

We provide a 2-year warranty for the mechanical and electrical parts of the machine.





Technical specifications SHERHAN CM 1828 SHERHAN CM 2633
Working area 1800х2800 mm 2600x3300 mm
Operating speed 90 m/min 180 m/min
Minimal glass width 2 mm 2 mm
Maximum lass width 19 mm 19 mm
Axis drive Mitsubishi servomotor Mitsubishi servomotor
Positional accuracy 0,15 mm 0,15 mm
Follow-up accuracy 0,15 mm 0,15 mm
Pivoted head with pneumatic drive Option -
Tangential rotation axis Option Yes
Table surface material Felt material Felt material
Automatic liquid feeding on glass, depending on the speed of the path available available
Air-cushion available available
Retractable stops available available
Breaking glass system option option
X axis drive Rack and pinion Apex Rack and pinion Apex
Y axis drive Belt-drive Elatech Rack and pinion Apex
Z axis drive Pneumatic Camozzi MITSUBISHI servomotor
Power supply 380 3Ph 50-60hz 380 3Ph 50-60hz
Air-feeding 6-8 atm 6-8 atm
Wattage, watts 4600 W 6000 W
Control software SkyglassProfi SkyglassProfi
Surface overall machine dimension 2250х3300х1300 mm 2250х3300х1300 mm
Packing dimensions of machines 2300х3500х1300 mm 2300х3500х1300 mm
Net weight 800 kg 1800 kg
Total weight 900 kg 1900 kg
СNC glass cutting machine
СNC glass cutting machine
СNC glass cutting machine
СNC glass cutting machine
СNC glass cutting machine
СNC glass cutting machine
СNC glass cutting machine
СNC glass cutting machine
Product Code: CM-1728

СNC glass cutting machine

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