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R&D (Research and Development)

We will design and manufacture equipment for your tasks Turnkey with warranty and service support. SKY TECH Company offers its services in design, development and manufacturing of equipment for your tasks.

We offer a complete R&D cycle, which includes conducting scientific research, developing design documentation, assembling a prototype, manufacturing standard products with unique properties, as well as installation, support, and service. Collaborating with us is advantageous because we sign non-disclosure agreements, provide you with a personal project manager, extend the warranty for newly developed equipment, and offer full-service support. Additionally, we handle patent applications for developments and protect your interests.

All our products comply with the provided technical specifications and all necessary regulations. The process of working with us is straightforward. You need to send the technical specification to the project manager via email. Within 5 business days, we will calculate the preliminary project price and completion timeframe. Then, we will prepare a personalized commercial proposal, and once all organizational details are agreed upon, we will sign the contract and confidentiality agreement.

We create 3D models, prepare drawings, coordinate mechanical and electrical components for the future equipment. We procure components, manufacture assemblies, and parts for your machine. Equipment assembly takes place at our own production facility. Upon completion, we will agree on a convenient and safe delivery option to your manufacturing site. Our technician will come to your premises and perform installation works. We also provide training to your technical staff on using the equipment. We sign an acceptance certificate for the equipment, which fully meets your requirements. The warranty period starts from the date of signing the acceptance certificate.

Collaborating with SKY TECH will help you obtain reliable and high-quality equipment that meets your requirements. We work quickly and efficiently and provide a full range of services from development to service support.

You can trust the quality of our work and the outcome of your project.

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