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Logistic Services

Deliver the equipment safe and sound, perhaps, is one of those important questions that the Buyer asks. Purchasing equipment, especially if it is large equipment, it begs the question of careful shipment. Find a responsible forwarder, insure the cargo, control the shipment.

We are ready to undertake this task !!! The staff of our company has a Logistics department and it can calculate and offer reliable methods of shipment of Equipment, both in Russia and abroad, according to your wishes. We work only with trusted forwarders who guarantee safety and certain delivery time of equipment to our Customers.

As a rule, shipment is carried out by road - at the moment, this is the most reliable way of transporting machines directly to the client. 

One of the advantages of transportation by a truck (wagon) is the ability to load and unload the vehicle from the top, side and rear. Loading and unloading can be done by a truck crane, a loader or using human resources - there are a lot of ways. 

All equipment sent to the customer is carefully packed, specifically:

- the machines are attached to metal pallets by the "legs",

- wrapped with stretch film, or placed in boxes and vacuum packaging,

- depending on the model of the machine and the distance of the Buyer.

In the cargo compartment of the car, our equipment is fixed with fastening belts, which excludes the possibility of mechanical damage to the machines. The equipment travels directly to the recipient, without unnecessary stops and "overloads", since the machines are loaded into the car, taking into account the route of the truck, and therefore come to the buyer safe and sound.